Imagine a stage! With an enthusiastic audience! Talented acts performing! And judges giving the performances a thumbs up or down!

No, this is not that popular summer television event. It is the annual KansasFest tradition, now nearly twenty years old, of encouraging programmers who have a vision of something cool, amazing, or unique that they can create from start to finish during just three and a half days in Kansas City each year, something that runs on an Apple-1, Apple II, or Apple III computer (or appropriate emulator).

It’s HackFest, and every year we get to see what these brilliant minds come up with. And 2017 will be no exception. We may see a game, a utility, a unique graphics display, maybe all three in one, or maybe something that we’ve never seen before.

If you are coming to the premier Apple II event of the year, get your coding hat on your head, and envision what you can do to astound your fellow attendees. I promise that the judges will not hit the red “X” key and send you packing back to your home. Neither do they have a golden buzzer to vote you through to the final round – everyone will make it though to the finals. The prize may not be one million dollars and a Las Vegas show, but it will be better – Apple II swag with far greater sentimental value.

Come on, code! Program it!
Memory loss? Then RAM it!
Got machine code? Then SLAM it!
Don’t brag about it, come show me!

Don’t believe me? Come down!