KansasFest 2012 was fortunate to have as its keynote speaker John Romero, a rockstar game developer who got his start on the Apple II. He spoke at length about the games and developers that got their start on the platform, having conducted interviews and research to create a presentation targeted toward his audience of diehard Apple II users.

The full video of his presentation is still being edited, but in the meantime, an excerpt is currently featured on PCWorld. Audience member Ken Gagne asked Romero for his thoughts on the Ouya video game console. The resulting video, a collaboration between Gagne and Jeff Blakeney, is hosted on Gagne’s YouTube channel with permission from KansasFest and Blakeney.

Watch this space as more videos and media from the event are published. In the meantime, check out our gallery of online photos from KansasFest 2012!