Get your KansasFest 2012 shirts!

Posted Wed, May. 30th 2012 in News

When you register for KansasFest, you have the option of ordering a KansasFest-branded t-shirt. Nothing brings the community together — or makes us look geekier! — like everyone attending the event in the same shirt! It’s a great way to show your pride both during KansasFest and during the long year to next Apple II convention.

This year, we’re offering a sport grey shirt with the 2012 logo, designed by committee member Peter Neubauer in honor of John Romero’s keynote speech. Here’s a preview of what will be waiting for those of you who order a shirt when you show up to KansasFest:

KansasFest 2012 shirt proof

If you are not attending KansasFest, you can still order apparel separately, as the price includes shipping.

Complete your collection of KansasFest shirts, or start one today!