When registering for KansasFest, you can add our official t-shirt to your order, letting you wear your team colors throughout the year and around the globe.

But what if you want to sport the KansasFest brand in other ways? Maybe you want to check the time on your KansasFest clock, wake up with coffee in your KansasFest mug, or snuggle up at night with a KansasFest teddy bear. Now you can, thanks to a variety of merchandise available at CafePress.

Although there’s still only one place to get the official KansasFest shirts, these other products make great complements. Please check out the full catalog of merchandise sporting the colorful KansasFest 2011 logo.

Please note that purchase of products from CafePress does not financially support KansasFest. To keep the CafePress products as affordable as possible, we have added no markup, and thus receive no profit from their sales. This service is offered as an option to our community, not as a fundraiser for the event.