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KansasFest 2009 reports

Posted Fri, Jul. 24th 2009 in News

In addition to our live Twitter feed, offers many vicarious experiences for those who want to attend but cannot.

In our photo gallery is a link to Ryan Suenaga’s photos, which he is regularly updating. And our file archive has many downloadable sessions that have been presented this week, with more to come.

Meanwhile, is posting daily news updates, and various reports are making their way to the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup as well.

KansasFest 2009 session schedule online

Posted Tue, Jul. 21st 2009 in News

KansasFest 2009 begins today! We have many sessions, workshops, presentations, and contests being held this week. You can find the full schedule online. If you use a calendar program such as iCal or Outlook, you can add these events to your schedule by subscribing to this feed:


Live Twitter feed

Posted Mon, Jul. 20th 2009 in News

KansasFest 2009 begins tomorrow! As a variety of activities and announcements occur, you can keep tuned to this Web site for updates.

Kirk Mitchell, who traditionally provides on-the-scene coverage of KansasFest in his posts to the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup, will this year also be reporting live via the microblogging service Twitter. You can follow his updates on KansasFest’s official Twitter feed.

If you’re on Twitter, please join the discussion! When Twittering about KansasFest, be sure to use the event’s official hashtag, which is #KFest. We’ve set up a live Twitter feed right here on the Web site for anyone’s tweets that feature the #KFest tag.

Free airport taxi service to/from KansasFest

Posted Mon, Jul. 6th 2009 in News

If you are flying into or out of the Kansas City International Airport and need a ride to or from Rockhurst University, we’re happy to provide! Carl Knoblock’s Peikop Endroprov taxi service will get you where you’re going. Just fill out the attached form with your travel dates, times, airlines, and flight numbers, and we’ll coordinate for you to get to and from KansasFest. (This service is provided by KansasFest attendees to other KansasFest attendees. Contributions to offset gas and car rental costs are not expected but are appreciated.)

KansasFest & Juiced.GS bundle

Posted Sat, Jun. 13th 2009 in News

The KansasFest Early Bird registration rate expired on June 1st, but for those who have not yet signed up to attend this event, there’s still an incentive: Anyone who registers before July 14th at the currently advertised rates gets a free 2009 subscription to Juiced.GS, the last remaining Apple II publication still in print. Such a deal! You need not jump through any hurdles or apply any special discount codes; just register per usual, either online or off, and your first two issues will be waiting for you in Kansas City. (Offer not valid to current subscribers.)

Call for sessions, round two

Posted Tue, Jun. 9th 2009 in News

With just under six weeks until KansasFest XX, it’s time to put out another appeal for sessions! Here’s what we already have scheduled for this year:

  • Apple II programming Q&A
  • Apple IIGS Toolbox programming basics
  • New Syndicomm products
  • Carte Blanche product demo
  • Dancing with the Woz
  • Juiced.GS focus group
  • Apple II gaming
  • A look back at the Apple IIGS demo scene
  • The new iPhone 3.0
  • Build your own Apple-1 clone
  • Softdisk fun

The session list is growing nicely, but we certainly need more. If you are registered or thinking of registering we hope you can share your Apple II knowledge with the rest of us. Surely there’s a topic of interest that you could talk about, maybe a favorite Apple II program, game or hardware product?

We have a request for a session on how to restore an Apple II to good condition, especially how to remove yellowing. Would anyone like to demo the Retr0Bright method for getting rid of the yellow discoloration?

Sign up to do a session, or feel free to request a topic you would like to see covered, as someone else may step up to offer it. Or if you haven’t yet registered to attend, it’s not too late. We’ll hope to see you there!

Countdown to KansasFest Registration

Posted Thu, May. 21st 2009 in News

The 20th annual KansasFest opens on Tuesday, July 21st, two months from today — and early bird registration closes on May 31st, just ten days from today! If you wish to stay on campus, registration prices go up $55 starting June 1st, and t-shirts must be ordered by then as well. To get the best prices for this once-in-a-lifetime event, be sure to register online to pay by credit card or PayPal, or use our fillable, printable registration form to pay by check.

We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City! If you have any questions, please email us.

KansasFest on Facebook

Posted Thu, May. 7th 2009 in News

Apple II users are social people, and KansasFest is a social event. So it’s a natural match for KansasFest to be on Facebook, the Internet’s fastest growing social networking site.

RSVP for the KansasFest 2009 event on Facebook, where dozens of retrocomputing enthusiasts have expressed interest in attending this year’s convention. Join their ranks by clicking “Attending”, but remember to make it official by registering online — especially before rates go up on June 1st!

Of course, the best places for KansasFest news and chatter will always be right here, as well as our email discussion list. But thanks to Facebook and Twitter, you can stay connected to KansasFest wherever your social networking takes you.