With just under six weeks until KansasFest XX, it’s time to put out another appeal for sessions! Here’s what we already have scheduled for this year:

  • Apple II programming Q&A
  • Apple IIGS Toolbox programming basics
  • New Syndicomm products
  • Carte Blanche product demo
  • Dancing with the Woz
  • Juiced.GS focus group
  • Apple II gaming
  • A look back at the Apple IIGS demo scene
  • The new iPhone 3.0
  • Build your own Apple-1 clone
  • Softdisk fun

The session list is growing nicely, but we certainly need more. If you are registered or thinking of registering we hope you can share your Apple II knowledge with the rest of us. Surely there’s a topic of interest that you could talk about, maybe a favorite Apple II program, game or hardware product?

We have a request for a session on how to restore an Apple II to good condition, especially how to remove yellowing. Would anyone like to demo the Retr0Bright method for getting rid of the yellow discoloration?

Sign up to do a session, or feel free to request a topic you would like to see covered, as someone else may step up to offer it. Or if you haven’t yet registered to attend, it’s not too late. We’ll hope to see you there!