Thank you to all who contributed their KansasFest 2009 sessions to our Web site’s archive!  We added more files this year than in several other years combined.  That, along with additional file formats for even greater accessibility to these sessions, quickly grew the KFest archive to unwieldy proportions.

We are happy today to unveil a completely redesigned file archive. This new layout is easier to read; is viewable with all major Web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Lynx; and is sortable.  Want to find all of 2005’s files, or all of Eric Shepherd’s presentations, or all HackFest entries, or all sessions available in PDF format?  Just click on the column header, and they’ll leap to the top! (or bottom!)

Thanks again to everyone who has allowed their files to be converted, uploaded, and made available.

If you have any suggestions for this or any other aspect of, please feel free to share.