Apple II Forever Awards

Posted Mon, Jul. 29th 2013 in News

Since 2010, the KansasFest Committee has recognized members of the Apple II community who have made significant contributions to the Apple II, either in promoting or developing for the platform during its active years, or in helping to advance or preserve the Apple II since its production had been discontinued.

I'm pleased to announce the 2013 winners:

  • Randy Wigginton: Apple employee #6, contributed to original development of RWTS, which was the foundation of Apple DOS for the Disk II. He was responsible for the adaptation of Microsoft's 6502 BASIC for use on the Apple II, creating the influential and long-lived Applesoft BASIC. He later wrote MacWrite for the original Macintosh.
  • Steve Wozniak: Co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc. Created the Apple-1, which was the start of the company. This developed into the Apple II platform, which was one of the longest-lived 8-bit computer platforms. He later created the Disk II, a low-cost adaptation of Shugart's 5.25-inch floppy disk drive for the Apple II. Both products together propelled Apple into the Fortune 500, and funded the development of the Apple III, Apple Lisa, and Macintosh computers.
  • Antoine Vignau: Member of the French Apple IIGS programming group, Brutal Deluxe. He was originally part of the French software cracking group, Hackerforce. As part of Brutal Deluxe, has created numerous programs for both the 8-bit and 16-bit Apple II platforms, and even into the 2000s and 2010s has continued to be active. Also maintains an archive of names and WAV files of Apple II cassette software titles. Has been a writer for Juiced.GS magazine.
  • Olivier Zardini: Member of the French Apple IIGS programming group, Brutal Deluxe. As part of Brutal Deluxe, has created numerous programs for the Apple IIgs platform.
  • Carl Knoblock: Has been a serving member of the KansasFest community for many years, helping coordinate transportation to move attendees travelers to and from the Kansas City airport.
  • Mike Maginnis: Co-host of the monthly Open Apple podcast, and the weekly No Quarter podcast (about classic arcade games). Staff writer for Juiced.GS, a quarterly Apple II magazine. Involved in scanning the full run of several Apple II publications, including Computist, AppleWorks Forum, Softalk, and ON THREE.

What's up at KansasFest?

Posted Fri, Jul. 26th 2013 in News

A2Central has a fantastic summary of the KFest happenings.  Also, check out the Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ links to the left.

Who's who at KansasFest?

Posted Tue, Jul. 23rd 2013 in News

Too many faces?  Too many names?  Too much excitement?  Scott Miller has put together a "Who's Who of KFest" with pictures and biographies to help you meet, find, and remember people.  Knock on Scott's door if you'd like to add your face.

UPDATED Saturday (7/27/2013) with more faces. Please download again.

Get your schedule here!

Posted Mon, Jul. 22nd 2013 in News
KansasFest 2013 Guidebook

Scan this in Guidebook to get our schedule

KansasFest is here, and our packed schedule is online:

There is no need to print the schedule since we'll provide you a hard copy.  The electronic versions will always have the latest updates.

Raspberry Pi at KansasFest

Posted Sat, Jul. 6th 2013 in News

The Raspberry Pi is a popular, inexpensive single board computer.  What does this have to do with the Apple II?  Who would be crazy enough to interface a Raspberry Pi with an Apple II?  Ivan Drucker, David Schmenk, and Charles Mangin have done just that.  Ivan turned his Raspberry Pi into an AppleTalk file server and a portable Apple II emulator.  David upgraded his Apple IIc to a IIgs using a Raspberry Pi.  Charles connected his Apple keyboards to a Raspberry Pi.  Don't miss the recent Juiced.GS article on this topic.

KansasFest starts in only 17 days.  Ivan will be there to show us how to use the Raspberry Pi with the Apple II.  He'll present three sessions: "So what is the Raspberry Pi, anyway?", "A2SERVER Redux: This Time, with Pi", and "Apple II in the Cloud".

Juiced.GS + KansasFest = Register before July 10

Posted Mon, Jul. 1st 2013 in News

KansasFest registration will close in 10 days on July 10.  What are you waiting for?  Do you really want to be home, alone, impatiently refreshing this website hoping for a tidbit of the awesomeness happening in Kansas City?  Or, would you rather be at KansasFest, among your kind who share your passion for the Apple II?  Do you really want to miss the keynote from Randy Wigginton, part of the brainpower behind DOS and the Disk ][?

Juiced.GS V18I2 There's only one thing better than KansasFest:  KansasFest with a one year Juiced.GS subscription included.  Juiced.GS is the longest running Apple II print publication and is chock full of news, reviews, interviews, and tutorials.  The most recent issue even offers a behind-the-scenes view of KansasFest.  You'll have something to tide you over while waiting for KansasFest 2014.  Register for KansasFest between July 1 and July 10, mention Juiced.GS on the registration form, and the subscription is yours.  You may use your subscription yourself or gift it to a friend.

Handmade floppy sleeve workshop at KansasFest

Posted Wed, Jun. 26th 2013 in News

Daniel Kruszyna and Melissa Barron will teach attendees how to cut, fold, and glue their own 5.25" floppy sleeves. The session will start with a short instructional section and then continue with a workshop. They will provide tools for attendees to share and some basic card stock and other materials. It's not necessary to bring anything to participate; however, attendees are encouraged to bring special paper or decorating supplies such as markers, colored pencils, magazine pages, etc., to create their own unique style.

Regular registration open until July 10

Posted Thu, Jun. 6th 2013 in News

Missed early-bird registration?  Hope is not lost.  Until July 10, you may still register at the "regular" rates.

Double room/meals/conference $430.00
Single room/meals/conference $500.00
Spouse/child, room/meals, no conference $340.00
Conference only, no room/meals $340.00

Read the registration announcement for more details.  If you're already registered, sign up to present a session.