Apple IIc Prototype

The apple IIc prototype product for inside testing and photo shoot.

983 prototype of Apple’s first portable computer

Circa 1983 prototype of the Apple IIc personal computer, with Apple Computer Inc. label on the bottom marked "Prototype" and "Serial No: XXXXX," with an Apple inspection stamp to the right side. The unit lacks many of the hallmarks of a final production unit: the case is smooth, rather than textured, and has different venting patterns on the top and bottom; the Apple logo is in the upper right instead of the upper left corner; buttons and indicators above the keyboard are not identified; no production or model numbers are cast into the bottom of the case; and the case's plastic rear port panels are missing, among other small differences. These characteristics make it an especially interesting Apple IIc, indicating that it predates the production molds for the plastic bottom and back. Complete with its original power adapter and four original Apple manuals: "Apple Presents the Apple IIc: An Interactive Owner's Guide," "Setting Up Your Apple IIc," "System Utilities," and "The Apple II: AppleWorks Reference Manual." From the personal collection of an Apple employee, circa 1984-1994.

The Apple IIc, released in April 1984, was Apple Computer’s first endeavor to produce a portable computer—it was essentially a complete Apple II squeezed into a smaller housing, and the 'c' stood for 'compact.' As the fourth model in the Apple II series of personal computers, it achieved lackluster success—outsold by the Apple IIe due to its greater expandability at the cost of a slightly larger size. Nevertheless, this prototype represents a significant milestone in Apple history as the company's initial endeavor into the realm of portable computers.

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