Apple’s Growing Divide Between Users and Programmers

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The incredibly open nature of the Apple II for development, down to the inclusion of schematics in every box, encouraged a generation of users who were also program mers. By contrast, today we have the walled garden of iPhone OS, where Apple judges all. Between these polar positions is the Macintosh. How have Apple ? and Apple users ? evolved over the years? Has using computers become more or less creative? What tradeoffs have we made between accessibility and empowerment? How do the Apple II and its users measure up in modern times?

Panelists: Ivan Drucker (IvanExpert), Martin Haye (California Digital Library), Mike Maginnis (The Computist Project).

Moderator: Ken Gagne (Juiced.GS).

What?s New For iPad Programmers

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Eric Shepherd will present an overview of how programming the iPad differs from iPhone programming, with some tips on how to update existing apps for the iPad, as well as covering some of the key differences between the platforms that affect application design decisions.

Bite The Bag

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This game is a time-honored KFest classic brought to you by Geoff Weiss.

How low can you go? You don’t have to be Bilbo Baggins to play this game. This is something that you can really sink your teeth in. Pick up a paper bag with only one limb on the ground. The bag gets shorter and shorter in every round. Prizes to the top three contestants who can bag it.

Juiced.GS Reception

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Juiced.GS is sponsoring “Pizza for the Masses” in Corcoran Hall, just what you need to get through the night.

iPhone 4.0 and iPad

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The Latest and Greatest from Apple – Rob Walch of Today in iOS podcast

In April, Apple released the iPad, a tablet computer compatible with the iPhone?s App Store. In June, the iPhone and iPod Touch received the iOS 4 firmware upgrade. Rob Walch of the Today in iOS (formerly Today in iPhone) podcast, brings us both these devices with tips, tricks, and critiques of Apple?s new mobile hardware and software.

Open Forum

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Don’t even think of using this time to catch up on sleep … you’ll miss all the good stuff.

KansasFest 2010 Keynote

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Mark Simonsen, employee number three and later owner of Beagle Bros, will be the keynote speaker at KansasFest 2010. At Beagle Bros, whose popular software products for the Apple II hobbyist demonstrated the publisher’s quirky sense of humor, Mark developed software including Flex Type, Beagle BASIC, Beagle Graphics, Triple-Dump, and Double-Take. In the early 1980s, Mark decided that he “wanted to work with the Apple for the rest of [his] life,” a statement that captures the enthusiasm and spirit of Mark, Beagle Bros, and many Apple II users.

See more details in the official press release.

Late Registration at Corcoran Hall

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Computer set up, get your Internet fix. Turn on the AC and fill the ice chests. If you didn’t yet, you will now. Quick run to the store!