iPhone 4.0 and iPad

Posted Fri, Aug. 10th 2012 in Echoes of KFest (video)

In April, Apple released the iPad, a tablet computer compatible with the iPhone’s App Store. In June, the iPhone and iPod Touch received the iOS 4 firmware upgrade. Rob Walch of the Today in iOS (formerly Today in iPhone) podcast, brings us both these devices with tips, tricks, and critiques of Apple’s new mobile hardware and software. The slides Rob used are available for download at kansasfest.org/downloads/

Recorded on 7/21/2010 by Ken Gagne and made available by KansasFest, Inc., under an Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Creative Commons license.

Today in iOS

Posted Wed, Jul. 20th 2011 in

Rob Walch of Today in iOS podcast joins us for a look at tips, tricks, and the latest in Apple?s iOS and related hardware.