Know Your Meme, or the Return of the King

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For your amusement, Ken entertains us with some of the latest Internet memes. Guaranteed to bring out the laughs.

Behind the scenes at Open Apple

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Open Apple, the Apple II community’s only co-hosted podcast, is the product of endless hours slaving over a mixing board and audio editing software. Watch and learn what goes into recording an episode of the show. What would an episode sound like without this extensive post-production process? Come hear the bloopers that should’ve been left on the cutting room floor, courtesy Mike Maginnis and Ken Gagne.

Juiced.GS Announcement

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Sean?s Garage at KFest Redux via the Magical Mystery Bus

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What treasures does Sean have in his garage? Well, we don?t even have to go find out, because he is bringing them to us, via James Littlejohn?s big green bus, aka ?the late night Denny?s express?. Sean has a huge Apple II collection, and when he decides to clean some off the top, we all benefit.


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Breakfast at Massman Hall.

Product Demo

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What might this be? Be there to find out, as Sheppy removes the veil.


Dining out at KansasFest 2011

Posted Sat, Apr. 23rd 2011 in News

When you register for KansasFest, almost your entire experience is paid for, from when you check in Tuesday afternoon to when you check out on Sunday. When it comes to dining, the only exceptions are dinner on Tuesday and Saturday nights. These two evenings are opportunities for attendees to explore the many fine dining options of Kansas City. There have been many traditions and venues over the years, and in 2011, we’ll again be trying something new.

On Tuesday, the first night of the event, KFesters will carpool and caravan to the freight house location of Jack Stack Barbecue, a restaurant that specializes in the BBQ that is a Kansas City hallmark. Jack Stack was the site of our Saturday night dinner in 2009, and our attendees’ accolades have us going back, but on a night that will be more accommodating to a party of our size. Departure from Rockhurst will begin around 5:30 PM CDT, so if you are arriving that day, please plan accordingly.

Lidia'sOn Saturday night, we’ll return to Lidia’s, an Italian restaurant that also hosted us in 2010. A variety of dishes, a flexible staff, and an elegant atmosphere will ensure the perfect finalé to a week of KansasFest.

It can be challenging to find just the right restaurants that will accommodate a large group of geeks and a diverse palette. We’re confident that this year’s combination, which was a popular choice in last year’s KansasFest alumni survey, will host the Apple II community to its satisfaction — and if not, we’ll listen to your feedback and adjust accordingly for 2012.

As KansasFest attendee Dean Nichols commented on our mailing list, “[It doesn’t matter to me] where we go to eat; it is the opportunity to break bread with friends that I value.” Regardless of the menu, you won’t find fellow diners like this anywhere else!

Build your own A2MP3 card with Vince Briel

Posted Fri, Apr. 8th 2011 in News

Vince Briel's Apple-1 workshop

Vince's workshops have been a hit at past KansasFests. Sign up while you can!

Here’s another great reason to attend this year’s KansasFest: Vince Briel of Apple-1 replica fame will conduct a workshop in which you build his latest creation, the A2MP3 card.

With this expansion card for the Apple II, you can plug in a USB memory stick loaded with MP3 files and play them on your Apple II. As an extra bonus, the cards will have ‘KansasFest’ silk-screened onto the card. These uniquely branded cards won’t be offered anywhere else!

The workshop costs $99 and includes both the parts required to build the kit and Vince’s tutelage to help you put it all together. Some soldering will be necessary, but beginners are welcome! To reserve your spot, add the workshop to your shopping cart when you register for KansasFest.