Suck Free from a distance 2010

Posted Sat, Jul. 24th 2010 in

Don’t miss Ryan Suenaga.

Creator of the popular FishNDA, Ryan proves that he doesn?t suck, live from Hawaii.


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Check out other’s hardware, software and computers. Get help with yours, explore Internet, explore Kansas City, and enjoy some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, courtesy Ryan Suenaga.

Retrobits, A2Unplugged, and RetroMacCast podcasts

Posted Thu, Jul. 30th 2009 in News

During this year’s KansasFest, Earl Evans of the Retrobits podcast interviewed KansasFest attendee Ken Gagne about the event (iTunes). The episode, published this week, was recorded last Thursday, halfway through KansasFest 2009. Among the general info about the conference’s history and traditions is a look at this year’s sessions, attendees, and keynote speaker.

Also recorded live at KansasFest was A2Unplugged (iTunes), hosted by Ryan Suenaga and co-hosted by Juiced.GS associate editor Andy Molloy.

Ken also appeared earlier this summer on the RetroMacCast podcast (iTunes), where he talked about how he got involved in KansasFest and how it differs from larger shows like Macworld Expo.

A2Unplugged at KansasFest Live!

Posted Sat, Jul. 25th 2009 in

by Ryan Suenaga

The 2009 comeback of the A2Unplugged podcast, recorded live in Kansas City, Missouri.

Location: Student Activity Center

The Unsuckables: How Web APIs and Mobile Devices are Shaping the Future of Apple IIgs TCP/IP Development

Posted Thu, Jul. 23rd 2009 in

by Ryan Suenaga

A look at Application Programmer Interfaces provided by various Web sites including some of the world’s largest and how Marinetti applications can be built using them; also a quick look at product announcements.

Location: Student Activity Center

Geocaching for n00bs by a n00b

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by Ryan Suenaga

A newbie’s look (with a few successes!) at this high tech scavenger hunt, followed by an actual geocaching adventure with prize!

Location: Student Activity Center