Apple II in the Cloud

Posted Fri, Jul. 26th 2013 in
Using the VSDRIVE capability of ADTPro, I will show how even an Apple IIc can have mass storage hosted on a Raspberry Pi…or hosted on a server across the internet…even over WiFi.

A2SERVER Redux: This Time, with Pi

Posted Fri, Jul. 26th 2013 in
Do you want a tiny, silent, $35 network drive for your Apple II? Wait no longer. The Raspberry Pi is here, and A2SERVER easily turns it into a file server for your Apple II computers. At this session, you’ll see A2SERVER and the Raspberry Pi in action, and learn how to put it it to work. If you came to the A2SERVER presentation two years ago, you’ll see some cool new tricks this time!
Note: Ivan might transition from this session into the next earlier than the time listed, so make sure to be here for both.

So what is the Raspberry Pi, anyway?

Posted Thu, Jul. 25th 2013 in
Want to take a look at the micro-micro cheaper-than-cheap desktop computer everyone’s been buzzing about? Come for this intro session on the Raspberry Pi, which is quite possibly the Apple II of our time. You’ll learn about what it is, what it does, and get a brief primer on its Linux operating system

Raspberry Pi at KansasFest

Posted Sat, Jul. 6th 2013 in News

The Raspberry Pi is a popular, inexpensive single board computer.  What does this have to do with the Apple II?  Who would be crazy enough to interface a Raspberry Pi with an Apple II?  Ivan Drucker, David Schmenk, and Charles Mangin have done just that.  Ivan turned his Raspberry Pi into an AppleTalk file server and a portable Apple II emulator.  David upgraded his Apple IIc to a IIgs using a Raspberry Pi.  Charles connected his Apple keyboards to a Raspberry Pi.  Don’t miss the recent Juiced.GS article on this topic.

KansasFest starts in only 17 days.  Ivan will be there to show us how to use the Raspberry Pi with the Apple II.  He’ll present three sessions: “So what is the Raspberry Pi, anyway?”, “A2SERVER Redux: This Time, with Pi”, and “Apple II in the Cloud”.