Videos from KansasFest 2013

Posted Fri, Mar. 20th 2015 in News

KansasFest 2013 videos are now available for viewing on the KFest YouTube channel. There are 17 videos with more to come. Big thanks go to Jeff Blakeney for shooting the footage and Mike Maginnis for video cleanup and post-processing. The sound isn’t great due to air-conditioning units in the background, but the the sound is intelligible.

A highlight is the keynote address by Randy Wigginton with special guest Steve Wozniak.



Posted Wed, Jul. 24th 2013 in
In 1978, Wigginton was a brilliant young high school student working alongside Apple co-founder Wozniak. Wigginton was an early member of the famous Homebrew Computer Club, often caught rides to club meetings with Wozniak, and was there for the unveiling of the Apple I. At age 14, Wigginton started writing
software for the Apple I. He assisted with the early design of and software for the Apple II and manned the booth at the West Coast Computer Faire introducing the Apple II. He was part of the all-night coding session in January 1978 that allowed Apple to introduce a working disk drive the following day at the Consumer Electronics Show. Later that year, Wigginton adapted Microsoft BASIC to become Applesoft BASIC and wrote the RWTS (Read/Write Track/Sector) software routines critical to the operation of Apple DOS and the new disk drive. The MacWrite software was among Wigginton’s contributions to the company beyond the Apple II. Wigginton continues to work in the computer industry today, currently with Square.