Oz KFest 2015

Posted Tue, Sep. 16th 2014 in News

Are the post-KansasFest blues troubling you?  Did you miss KansasFest?  Don’t worry; go to Australia for the southern hemisphere’s greatest Apple II gathering.  Andrew Roughan, one of the event’s organizers, writes:

The next Australian retro computing gathering, Oz KFest, will be happening in Melbourne, Australia, April 17-19, 2015. Come join us downunder for a few of days of retro inspiration, Aussie ingenuity and camaraderie!

The goal of the event is to provide a user group style environment to exchange ideas and discuss new developments in retro computing hardware, software, preservation, emulation and other related topics.

There will be a few attendees of past KansasFests and Oz KFests and we hope to imbibe the spirit of these events into Oz KFest once again.

The presentations during the weekend will come from the participants and therefore an invitation is extended for session proposals to be made via email to ozkfest@gmail.com

If you have an idea for a session that you’d like to present, please let us know so we can allocate a time slot for you. If you would like to learn something, let us know what that is and we will try to find a presenter for that topic.

Registration for the event is not yet open. However, now is the time to block out the dates in your calendar, arrange how to get there and where you’ll stay. If you need help, let us know how we can help.

For event details, see http://ozkfest.net and for breaking updates follow OzKFest on Twitter.

Reminder that the ‘Downunder Chat’ happens every Friday night from 9pm Australian EST in irc.a2central.com #a2.chat

Oz KFest (in Australia) is separate from KansasFest (in Kansas City) and has different organizers.  You’re seeing this announcement on the KansasFest website because both of our groups share an interest in the Apple II.

What did you miss?

Posted Mon, Aug. 12th 2013 in News

What did you miss at KansasFest?  Even if you were there, you probably slept at least once and missed something exciting.

The folks in Australia had their own fun at OzKfest, and Twitter captured news from their gathering.

There’s much more for us to archive and share.  More material, including videos, will appear in the coming months as we have time to collect and process the everything.

OzFest Australia Linkup

Posted Fri, Jul. 26th 2013 in
This is a chance for the OzKfest & Kansasfest participants to meet’n’greet, interact, and swap anecdotes about what has been happening at each conference over video chat.