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Apple II Paintings

Melissa Barron, the Chicago-based Apple II computer artist and KansasFest regular, is offering prints of her five new paintings featuring the Apple ][+, Apple ][c, and various peripherals. Visit her Etsy store for more. It’s amazing to see the varied ways the Apple II continues to live and inspire.  You can meet Melissa and other …

Handmade floppy sleeve workshop at KansasFest

Daniel Kruszyna and Melissa Barron will teach attendees how to cut, fold, and glue their own 5.25? floppy sleeves. The session will start with a short instructional section and then continue with a workshop. They will provide tools for attendees to share and some basic card stock and other materials. It’s not necessary to bring …

73H 0r3g0n 7r41L Game Mod

73H 0r3g0n 7r41L Game Mod

Don’t miss Melissa Barron. Through custom coding and modification, Melissa has modified the classic Oregon Trail to use in-game text that?s a blend of l337, chatspeak, and LOLcats syntax. Learn about the process of hacking this game and see it in action on an Apple IIc.