Ryan Suenaga passes away

Posted Mon, Apr. 25th 2011 in News

Every KansasFest attendee leaves a mark on the event and the Apple II community, but few have attended for as long or have achieved the legacy of Ryan Suenaga.

Ryan attended his first KansasFest in 1996, making the trip from his native Hawai’i at the age of 29. He quickly became known for his trademark apparel, leading him to claim the motto, “Speak softly and wear loud shorts.” A few years later, he accepted the gauntlet Sheppy tossed down: “If you’re a programmer and you don’t have something to show at KansasFest, you suck.” He and the rest of the programming community rose to that challenge, ensuring a steady stream of announcements, surprises, and products for KansasFests to come. Even at KansasFest 2010, the first KansasFest that Ryan had missed since 1995, he submitted a recorded presentation to be played in his absence, announcing the pending release of an email client for the Apple IIGS.

Ryan enriched KansasFest through these and other traditions, both during and after his time on the event’s planning committee. With few opportunities to enjoy Krispy Kreme donuts in Hawai’i, Ryan fell in love with the treat while on the mainland, sharing his passion for the fattening delicacy by buying multiple boxes for his fellow attendees. Even in 2010, he sent funds dedicated to ensuring the tradition continued. Ryan constantly bemoaned his seemingly eternal role as Kirk Mitchell’s roommate, making for an odd couple indeed. Finally, Ryan was an occasional contestant or judge in HackFest, which he one year spun off into his own competition for hardware innovators: CansasFest, challenging attendees to construct their own Wi-Fi antenna.

Sadly, the KansasFest community is left to carry on these many traditions without the man who gave them to us. On Sunday, April 24, 2011, Ryan was hiking Hawai’i’s Olomana Trail with his friends when he suffered a fatal fall. He was 44.

Responses to the news on the KansasFest email list were many and immediate:

“I only got to meet Ryan one time, at my only KansasFest trek, and I thought he was an absolute delight.” –Carrington Vanston

“He was a social worker, kind man and one of those special people that made KFest the place to be.” –Sandra Warnken

“This breaks my heart … Even though we only met once a year at KFest, that was  enough to get me through the rest of the year.  You couldn’t ask for a better KFest roomie and friend.” –Kirk Mitchell

“This is like a bolt out of the blue. I have such fond memories of his sense of humour, and kindness, and all that he did for our close community. He will be sorely missed, and leave a large gap in our lives.” –Ewen Wannop

“Ryan has obviously been an important part of the KansasFest community.  He died much too soon. About the only good thing you can say is that he died with his boots on.” –Bruce Baker

“Ryan’s life was helpful to all in the Apple II and KFest communities. He was especially resourceful and generous to the old beginners, like me. I remember him and will miss him.” –Jack Hays

“I’ve never met a more honest or less selfish individual than Ryan. The Apple II community and the world lost an amazing individual.” –Dain Neater

Ryan was a dedicated writer, programmer, podcaster, social worker, uncle, and friend. He attended his last KansasFest in 2009 and intended to return in 2011, albeit embarrassed by failing to live up to his own standards: in an email dated April 5, he wrote, “Been so busy here, not only am I behind on email and taxes and blogging and working out … I can barely do anything Apple II right now. Looks like no project for KansasFest this year.”

In reality, nothing will suck more than knowing Ryan, a member of our community for decades, will not attend another KansasFest. His absence in Kansas City and in our lives will be felt for a long time, and his life and memory celebrated at KansasFest 2011.

In the meantime, we offer this gallery of 96 photos of Ryan from Ken Gagne’s albums, from 2002 through 2009, in roughly chronological order. We hope they inspire your own memories of Ryan when he was among the people he loved most, doing what he loved best: being a geek.

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Replica 1 workshop gallery at Computerworld

Posted Fri, Aug. 14th 2009 in News

Vince Briel's Apple-1 workshopAs Vince Briel conducted his Replica 1 workshop on the last full day of KansasFest 2009, Ken Gagne, one of six students in the class, had his progress documented in photography. The result is an image gallery at Computerworld.com showing many of the steps (and obstacles) involved in assembling a working Apple-1 clone. It’s great to see KansasFest getting coverage in the mainstream press!

For a more informal look at KansasFest, there are plenty of other photos to complement our videos and podcasts. Check out our photo gallery for pictures by KansasFest attendees Ryan Suenaga, Bruce Baker, and Mark Frischknecht.

KansasFest 2008 — It’s a wrap

Posted Sun, Jul. 27th 2008 in News

KansasFest 2008 ended today and was by all accounts a great success. For those who couldn’t make it, or those who could and want to reflect on the wonderful times they had, be sure to read Sean Fahey’s A2Central.com reports; visit our photo and video gallery; and download some of the presentations given at KFest ’08 from our file archive.

Media Gallery

Posted Tue, Jul. 15th 2008 in

Enjoy this multimedia trip down memory lane with photos and videos contributed by past KansasFest attendees. Official audio and video of actual sessions, along with their presentation material, can be found in the file archive. All the below links lead off the KansasFest site. If you would like us to include a link to your photo gallery, please let us know!

Group photos are available here.

2018James LittlejohnphotosFacebook
2018Ken Gagnephotos216Self-hosted
2017Ken Gagnephotos171Self-hosted
2017Jason Scottphotos45Flickr
2016Ken Gagnephotos237Self-hosted
2015Dean Nicholsphotos31Flickr
2015Jason Scottphotos416Flickr
2015Ken Gagnephotos209Self-hosted
2014Andrew Hoganphotos45Self-hosted
2014Dean Nicholsphotos108G+
2014Jason Scottphotos114Flickr
2014Ken Gagnephotos200Self-hosted
2014Steven Weyhrichphotos44Flickr
2013Bill Saturnophotos63Flickr
2013Daniel McLaughlinphotos55Flickr
2013Dean Nicholsphotos117Flickr
2013James Littlejohnphotos303Facebook
2013Jason ScottphotosFlickr
2013Ken Gagnephotos218Self-hosted
2012Andy Molloyphotos58Google+
2012Bruce Bakerphotos128Facebook
2012Eric Ruckerphotos & video8Google+
2012Ken Gagnephotos185Self-hosted
2012Mike Maginnisphotos139Flickr
2012Peter Neubauerphotos23Self-hosted
2011Andy Molloyphotos74Picasa
2011Carrington Vanstonphotos48Flickr
2011Jason Scottphotos52Flickr
2011Ken Gagnephotos242Self-hosted
2010Andy Molloyphotos59Picasa
2010Henry Courbisphotos103Facebook
2010Ken Gagnephotos237Self-hosted
2010Ken Gagnevideo21Vimeo
2010Stavros Karatsoridisphotos138MobileMe
2009Bruce Bakerphotos28Facebook
2009Bruce Bakervideo4YouTube
2009Henry Courbisphotos50Facebook
2009James Littlejohnphotos49Facebook
2009Ken Gagnephotos18Computerworld
2009Ken Gagnephotos144Self-hosted
2009Mark Frischknechtphotos36Picasa
2009Ryan Suenagaphotos119Flickr
2009Sean Faheyvideo2Vimeo
2009Stavros Karatsoridisphotos157MobileMe
2008Bruce Bakerphotos21Google Photos
2008Bruce Bakervideo3YouTube
2008Eric Shepherdphotos5Facebook
2008Henry Courbisphotos42Facebook
2008Ken Gagnephotos8Computerworld
2008Ken Gagnephotos115Self-hosted
2008Stavros Karatsoridisphotos123MobileMe
2007Bruce Bakerphotos38Google Photos
2007Carrington Vanstonphotos53Self-hosted
2007Dean Nicholsphotos 74Google
2007Henry Courbisphotos24Facebook
2007Ken Gagnephotos133Self-hosted
2007Ken Gagnevideo2Vimeo
2007Stavros Karatsoridisphotos67MobileMe
2006Bruce Bakerphotos60Google Photos
2006Ken Gagnephotos213Self-hosted
2006Stavros Karatsoridisphotos69MobileMe
2005Ken Gagnephotos96Self-hosted
2005Bruce Bakerphotos?Google Photos
2004Bruce Bakerphotos 50Google Photos
2004Ken Gagnephotos101Self-hosted
2003Bruce Bakerphotos59Google Photos
2003Dave Millerphotos 28Self-hosted
2003Ken Gagnephotos64Self-hosted
2002Bruce Bakerphotos 88Google Photos
2002Ken Gagnephotos27Self-hosted
2001Bruce Bakerphotos 8Google Photos
2000Bruce Bakerphotos5Google Photos
2000Pat Kern323Picasa
2000Pat Kernslideshow7YouTube
1999Pat Kernphotos218Flickr
1999Pat Kernslideshow5YouTube
1998Kirk Mitchellphotos52Self-hosted
1998Pat Kernphotos201Flickr
1998Pat Kernslideshow5YouTube
1997Kirk Mitchellphotos56Self-hosted
1997Pat Kernphotos241Flickr
1997Pat Kernslideshow6YouTube
1996Bruce Bakerphotos10Google Photos
1996Pat Kernphotos108Flickr
1996Pat Kernslideshow4YouTube
1995Pat Kernphotos67Flickr
1995Pat Kernslideshow1YouTube
1995Steve Disbrowvideo1Vimeo
1994Pat Kernphotos81Flickr
1994Pat Kernslideshow1YouTube
1993Pat Kern9Picasa
1993Pat Kernslideshow1YouTube
1992Steve Disbrowvideo16YouTube