Arriving at KansasFest

Posted Tue, Jul. 10th 2012 in News

KansasFest begins next week! We look forward to bringing our community together for yet another memorable Apple II convention.

If you are driving to KansasFest, there are plenty of directions available; if you’re flying and don’t have a car, you can request a ride from Peikop Endropov.

To help you navigate the immediate area of Rockhurst, the university’s Web site offers several maps. Event coordinator Tony Diaz has also created a custom Google map of the Rockhurst area.

Attendees who are staying on-site will be hosted in the Corcoran residence hall for the third consecutive year. Drivers looking to unload their cars and get checked in should temporarily park at 1354 Rockhurst Road; once you have clearance to access the secure parking lot, you can then proceed to the main entrance found at 5400 Troost Avenue. Both addresses are in Kansas City, MO 64110.

The KansasFest welcoming committee will be at Corcoran first thing Tuesday morning. If you are concerned about getting lost, or are staying off-site and need access to Corcoran, please email us beforehand to obtain a contact phone number.

Awarding of HackFest 2011 Prizes

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HackFest 2011 behind-closed-doors judging

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The Bleeding Edge of Web Technology

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Let’s take a look at the cutting edge of what the Web can do. It’s not just about LOLcats and static news anymore. Eric Shepherd will demonstrate how to create dynamic web applications using the latest technologies, including WebSockets. And, for the non-programmers, a few fun demos of what the web can do that you might not have known it can.

P2E – Pseudo-II Emulator

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P2E is a new Apple II emulator that runs on all iOS devices, along with desktop computers and probably Android as well. Written and highly optimized in Javascript, it’s capable of emulating an Apple IIe at full speed on iPhone 3GS and above, including graphics and disk drive support. In this session, Martin Haye will briefly cover 1) the technology involved, 2) innovative features such as quick transfer of disk images from PC to emulator and back, and easily searching and loading disks from larger online archives of freely available software, and 3) possible future directions.

Know Your Meme, or the Return of the King

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For your amusement, Ken entertains us with some of the latest Internet memes. Guaranteed to bring out the laughs.

Behind the scenes at Open Apple

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Open Apple, the Apple II community’s only co-hosted podcast, is the product of endless hours slaving over a mixing board and audio editing software. Watch and learn what goes into recording an episode of the show. What would an episode sound like without this extensive post-production process? Come hear the bloopers that should’ve been left on the cutting room floor, courtesy Mike Maginnis and Ken Gagne.

Juiced.GS Announcement

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