Help Track Down Apple II Collections

Posted Sat, Mar. 25th 2017 in News

Mr. Jason Scott, the keynote speaker at KansasFest 2009 and renowned archivist, has put out a call for help finding forgotten Apple II material:

We are in a golden age for Apple II history capture.

For now, and it won’t last (because nothing lasts), an incredible amount of interest and effort and tools are all focused on acquiring Apple II software, especially educational and engineering software, and ensuring it lasts another generation and beyond.

I’d like to take advantage of that, and I’d like your help.

KansasFest attendees know all about Jason’s work, but what about your friends, family, and coworkers? Does your Mom’s brother’s dog’s owner have a forgotten stash of Apple II software?  Do you know a retired school librarian with a dusty box of disks?  Ask around and help Jason save part of our history.

Jason Scott’s Modest Proposal

Posted Fri, Jul. 22nd 2011 in

Jason Scott of will pitch a project he’s working on that will impact Apple II users.