Group Photo

Posted Thu, Aug. 8th 2019 in News

We had 88 Apple II fans gather this year. Past group photos are here. Will you be among the 2020 attendees? Mark your calendars for July 21-26, 2020.

Please thank Ken Gagne for the photographs.

Crack That Floppy

Posted Mon, Aug. 5th 2019 in News

Steve Weyhrich has released another Apple II music video. His latest creation includes footage from KansasFest 2019.

First Impressions

Posted Wed, Jul. 31st 2019 in News

Joe of Joe’s Computer Museum shared his impressions of KansasFest 2019 in a recent video. Whether you need to relive KansasFest to fight post-conference depression or are undecided about joining us in 2020, Joe’s video is enjoyable and informative.


Posted Wed, Jul. 17th 2019 in News

Contests are a tradition at KansasFest and a great way to be more involved. Plus, we have awesome prizes for the winners.

HackFest – Starting Wednesday morning and going through Saturday, coders write original programs using specific tools and languages native to the Apple II, then show them off to the conference attendees. A panel of judges reviews and selects the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place). Please see the Official HackFest Rules and archive of past entries.

Door Sign – A door sign can say a lot about the attendees. Where you’re from, who you are and what your interests are. You can put up a poster, picture or anything clever or fanciful (usually Apple II related) to wow the judges. You’ll need to use masking tape (no tacks or anything that would leave a hole in the door) to hang your door sign. Judging occurs at Friday’s pizza banquet.

Wacky Tie – KFest alum Roger Wagner was known for his colorful taste in ties. We honor his past contributions to KFest by having a wacky tie contest every year. Ties can be wacky, metaphorical, traditional or nostalgic in nature. It comes down to whatever strikes the judge’s fancy. Bring your ties to Friday’s pizza banquet.


Posted Tue, Jul. 9th 2019 in News

Most attendees come home with more than they bring, even attendees intent on thinning their collections. Here are some vendors at KansasFest. This is a great chance to get hands-on help and see items before you buy.

Get Beagle Bros and Elephant Memory Systems stickers from

Brian Wiser is an Apple historian, designing and publishing retro computer/gaming books at, and will also have limited Apple bumper stickers available.  He was an extra in Joss Whedon’s “Serenity,” and will have limited DVDs of his Firefly documentary “Done The Impossible.”

Juiced.GS is quarterly print magazine dedicated to all models of the Apple II personal computer. Each issue features news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos, delivered right to your mailbox. Juiced.GS also sells the complete line of The Byte Works programming tools and Steve Weyhrich’s hardcover history of the Apple II, Sophistication & Simplicity.

Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) has been an Apple User Group since 1978, and our members continue to enjoy newly-produced Call-A.P.P.L.E. magazines, and access to older issues and software.  As a book publisher, features over a dozen new books and manuals, like “The WOZPAK”, “Graphically Speaking” by Mark Pelczarski, “All About DOS: Enhanced Edition” and “Tome of Copy Protection.”

A number of businesses and individuals are donating prizes, too. Please thank them (and buy their products).

  • RetroFloppy – RetroFloppy brings your old files from floppy disks, Jaz/Zip drives, laptops, magneto-optical disks, and hard disks into the 21st century
  • a2RetroSystems – Uthernet network cards
  • Call-A.P.P.L.E. – World’s largest Apple User Group
  • – For everyone who still loves and uses Apple II computers
  • assembly lines – Retro computer videos and products
  • Juiced.GS – A quarterly Apple II journal
  • ReActiveMicro – ReActivate your vintage Apple computer
  • – Your total source for Apple II computing
  • Apple][History – The story of the most personal computer
  • Sean Fahey
  • Michael Packard
  • Tom Porter
  • Michael Mulhern
  • Joe Strosnider
  • Sarah W.
  • Mark Wise
  • Brian Wiser
  • Mike Whalen

Planning Your Arrival

Posted Mon, Jul. 8th 2019 in News

The KansasFest Planning Committee looks forward to seeing you in about one week!  We’re committed to everybody having an excellent trip, so please let us know if we may help with anything. 

The “Welcome to KansasFest” page contains important details, including parking, checkin, and schedule information. Don’t miss the “KansasFest for Newcomers” guide or the just-released schedule. During checkin, you’ll receive a printed schedule summary.

If you need something to watch during your travels to Kansas City, visit our YouTube channel for sessions from past years.

Boot Up and Run!

Posted Tue, Jul. 2nd 2019 in News

Have you seen Steven Weyhrich’s new Apple II parody video? A lot of the footage comes from last year’s KansasFest.

HackFest is an annual competition to create original software at KansasFest. Take a look at past entries and rules here.

Registration closes July 1

Posted Fri, Jun. 28th 2019 in News

You’re almost out of time. Finish registering now and pack your bags! Look for a message next week with arrival details.