HackFest 2017

Posted Fri, Aug. 25th 2017 in News

You might think that software created in a few sleepless distracted days wouldn’t be amazing and noteworthy.  And, you would be wrong.  This year’s HackFest entries show incredible skill and creativity.

The entries include:

  • Martin Haye: Invoking Apple III Satan Mode, an assumed-to-be-impossible way to access Apple III hardware from Apple II programs.
  • Ivan Hogan: An assembly language game making use of the text screen. Jump on the lines without touching the heads!
  • Jeremy Rand: ColourGo, an implementation of the casual game Chameleon Run, using Apple Hi-Res.
  • Russ Ross: An implementation of the classic casual game 2048, using the text screen.
  • Rob McMullen: Fujirun, an assembly language game based on Amidar. Save the Apple from the Atari interlopers!
  • Alain Zanchetta: Hacking Sargon II to take input not from the keyboard, but from another copy of Sargon II connected by serial port.
  • Alex French: Rendering particles on the Apple IIgs in Super Hi-Res, while playing nice with GS/OS.
  • Charles Mangin: You Are a Grue – A text adventure written in Inform 7.
  • Kevin Savetz: A version of the Simon game, with custom-made button controllers hacked on-site to interface with the joystick port.

The winners were:

  1. Rob McMullen: Winner for sheer scope, the level of polish, and the embracing of modern community tools.
  2. Charles Mangin: Winner for stretching outside his comfort zone, creating something clever, and refusing to give up when his first idea failed.
  3. Alain Zanchetta: Winner for the creativity of his idea, and embodying a true hacker grit in the project.

Many entries, often with source code, are available here.

Come back in 2018: July 17-22

Posted Fri, Aug. 18th 2017 in News

Mark your calendar for KansasFest 2018 from July 17 through July 22 at Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO. Super-early arrival (dorm room but no presentations or activities) will start July 16.

Registration will open Spring 2018. Until then, enjoy recordings from 2017.

Rockhurst: The Apple II Parody

Posted Mon, Jul. 31st 2017 in News

What’s the Garage Giveaway at KansasFest all about?  Steven Weyhrich tells us with this awesome parody:

How II Attend KansasFest

Posted Fri, Jul. 28th 2017 in News

Charles Mangin of RetroConnector created a helpful video on how to attend KansasFest.

Recording of keynote with Brutal Deluxe

Posted Wed, Jul. 26th 2017 in News

Thanks to the efforts of Jason Scott, the 2017 keynote presentation from Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini is now available online.

Happy 40th Birthday

Posted Fri, Jul. 21st 2017 in News

We’re celebrating the 40th birthday of the Apple II.  Are you?

KansasFest 2017

Welcome to KansasFest 2017

Posted Mon, Jul. 10th 2017 in News

The KansasFest Planning Committee looks forward to seeing you next week!  We’re committed to everybody having an excellent trip, so please let us know if we may help with anything.

Please see our Welcome to KansasFest page for details about your arrival. Also, the schedule is available online.

Is this your first time at KansasFest? Don’t miss the comprehensive “KansasFest for Newcomers” guide. Consider joining one our “newcomer’s sessions” on Monday (5pm) or Tuesday (3:30pm).

KansasFest’s Got Talent

Posted Fri, Jul. 7th 2017 in News

Imagine a stage! With an enthusiastic audience! Talented acts performing! And judges giving the performances a thumbs up or down!

No, this is not that popular summer television event. It is the annual KansasFest tradition, now nearly twenty years old, of encouraging programmers who have a vision of something cool, amazing, or unique that they can create from start to finish during just three and a half days in Kansas City each year, something that runs on an Apple-1, Apple II, or Apple III computer (or appropriate emulator).

It’s HackFest, and every year we get to see what these brilliant minds come up with. And 2017 will be no exception. We may see a game, a utility, a unique graphics display, maybe all three in one, or maybe something that we’ve never seen before.

If you are coming to the premier Apple II event of the year, get your coding hat on your head, and envision what you can do to astound your fellow attendees. I promise that the judges will not hit the red “X” key and send you packing back to your home. Neither do they have a golden buzzer to vote you through to the final round – everyone will make it though to the finals. The prize may not be one million dollars and a Las Vegas show, but it will be better – Apple II swag with far greater sentimental value.

Come on, code! Program it!
Memory loss? Then RAM it!
Got machine code? Then SLAM it!
Don’t brag about it, come show me!

Don’t believe me? Come down!