Week of the KFest

Posted Wed, Aug. 3rd 2016 in News

The talented Dr. Weyhrich brings us another music video.  How many computers, new or old, inspire songs?

Group Photo

Posted Fri, Jul. 29th 2016 in News

Here’s our 2016 group photograph.  Please thank our photographer, Loren.

See past group photos here.

Coverage at Cult of Mac

Posted Wed, Jul. 27th 2016 in News

David Pierini with Cult of Mac has published a nice series of articles about KansasFest:

David’s coverage and perspective is worth reading whether you’re a longtime or aspiring attendee.

HackFest 2016

Posted Tue, Jul. 26th 2016 in News

We had four excellent HackFest entries.  I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.  You may also download disk images and source code.

Please thank our judges, Quinn, Martin, and Kate, for their work to make this all possible.

KansasFest 2017

Posted Sat, Jul. 23rd 2016 in News

KansasFest 2017 will be held at Rockhurst University, July 18th-23rd. Mark your calendar and make plans to attend!

What’s happening here?

Posted Thu, Jul. 21st 2016 in News

Can’t make KansasFest but want to know what’s happening?  Busy with HackFest and missed the latest sessions?  Follow us on Twitter. Also, read the nice story on Cult of Mac.

We are recording sessions and will post them as soon as possible.

Beneath KansasFest: HackFest

Posted Tue, Jul. 19th 2016 in News

HackFest participants write original Apple II software entirely at KansasFest.  Considering everybody has a full schedule already, the breadth and quality of the software is amazing.  The videos below speak for themselves.  Also, take a look at the rules and past entries.

Spin up your floppy drives and start hacking Wednesday morning.

Photo Roster – KansasFest 2016

Posted Tue, Jul. 19th 2016 in News

The photo roster compiled by Martin Haye at KansasFest 2016 is currently available in PDF format (1.6 MB, version 5 from 7/24/16 11:14am) here: PhotoRoster2016

(The order of the photos is roughly the order Martin encountered people on the Rockhurst campus and is thus nearly random.)