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Hardware-hacking innovations

Jul 25, 2013 @ 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

This session will present a variety of hardware innovations that I have developed over the years. Each will be demonstrated and discussed.
BUGG-POWER: This is an adaptation of IBM-style power supplies for the IIgs and IIe to eliminate low-power hassles. It was was shown at the 1996 KansasFest meeting and later presented in a magazine article(Juiced GS, Fall 1996). Separate versions are used for the IIgs and IIe/II+.
THREE DISK II ENHANCEMENTS: The classic Disk II drive is 35 years old. It is roomy, has low-cost socketed chips on a relatively simple analog board, and is ruggedly robust. Innovations improve the drive’s resale value; these were presented in my magazine article (II Alive, Summer 1996). They include: a front-panel speed adjustment knob, a three-position auto/manual write protect switch, and a front-panel bicolor green-red read-write LED lamp (Circuit designed by Jeff Hurlburt of Houston TX).
BUGG-BRICK IIC: The IIc’s external power supply “brick” has an internal fuse; when the fuse blows, the brick is often discarded. On Ebay and elsewhere, there is a chronic shortage of IIc power bricks because so many have been discarded. I will show how the brick can be sawed open, and an accessible fuse-holder installed.
STEALTH-GS: When the IIgs was introduced, Apple offered a retro-kit to swap a IIgs motherboard into a IIe CPU casing. The retro-kit had plastic standoffs positioned in the right places to hold the motherboard away from the metal base-plate, and the metal back-panel had openings positioned correctly for the IIgs sockets. My own innovation, Stealth-GS, eliminated the need for standoffs. This was presented in a magazine article (Juiced.GS, Spring 1997).
POWER SUPPLY VOLTMETER: What can be done when an internal power supply is scrapped? I will show my two-range custom voltmeter, used to measure the +5 volt and +12 volt lines used by the IIgs and IIe.
MOLEX-4 PLUGS AND SOCKETS: These can be attached to powerpoints on the IIe motherboard, to power various accessories house in the CPU: indicator lamps, adjustable-speed fan, etc.
FAN TRANSPLANT FOR SYSTEM SAVER IIGS: The stock fan in the Kensington System Saver is noisier and produces a weaker air flow than the fan in the System Saver IIe; the manufacturer used a less robust fan in the GS unit as an economy measure. Transplanting the IIe fan into the IIgs System Saver quiets the rattling noise and increases the unit’s air flow.


Jul 25, 2013
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
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Corcoran Hall


Stephen Buggie