You’ve never been to KansasFest?  Want a crack at going this year for free?  Announcing the KansasFest Golden Ticket Drawing!

It’s a crazy week of non-stop coding, learning, sharing and fellowship with other Apple II enthusiasts! (1) We’re expecting 70-80 (or more) people this year!

Due to a generous contribution by a member of our community, we are pleased to announce there will be 5 free slots open for first time attendees. All you have to do is get to the conference.

Your registration, double-occupancy room (2) and cafeteria expenses will be paid for. You’ll get to participate in all sessions, the Garage Giveaway and enjoy lots of quality time with your fellow Apple II enthusiasts. Bring your Apple II, enter the contests, work on projects… have fun!

Conference t-shirt, pillow and linens and participation in optional, off-site activities (Tuesday evening dinner, movie night, trips to local arcades) are not covered, but pretty much everything else is. (3)

All we ask is that you make the commitment to show up and participate. Any cancellations will be awarded to a runner-up.

We want five new attendees at KansasFest 2017!  Will one of them be you?  Request a Golden Ticket now and drawings will be March 15.

Small Print

  1. OK, we admit there are also a few Atari fans, and other vintage gear heads who foolishly invested in some other alt-computer platforms back in the day.
  2. You’ll be roomies with someone. It’s a college dorm, so plan on your own twin bed. If you know someone attending the conference, you can request a specific roommate. Otherwise, you’ll be randomly matched with another person.
  3. We’ll be happy to sell you a t-shirt. Really. Pillows, linens (sheets and towels) are optional. You can buy a set from us at the conference, or bring your own. You can keep the linens at the end of the conference, or donate them to a homeless shelter we’ve partnered with.