Ken Gagne won the 2014 Structris Tournament.

An indomitable Ken Gagne won the 2014 KansasFest Structris tournament by defeating Martin Haye, Structris’ evil programmer himself, in the final round. Some of the highlights: A brave Mr. Wiser played against Eric in the first round but was unable to faze the defending champion. Structris-newbie John showed his savant-like prowess by advancing to the semi-finals after tying Carrington with the very meaningful score of 42-42. Carrington magnanimously set the precedent for tie-breakers by deciding the match’s winner be the one who achieved the score in lesser time. Mr. LaPlante progressed after getting crushed by the Tetrominoes several seconds before his competitor, Kevin “the Human” Savetz, yet Mark’s score was still enough to best Kevin’s by one point. Jeremy, as always, did an outstanding job getting past Andy but had the misfortune of facing the game’s creator, Martin, in the semi-final.

The most exciting round of the tournament was the semi-final between the top-seeded Ken and the defending champion, Eric. An epic battle which featured Eric casually explaining some under-the-hood details of the game to a curious Ivan the Younger – all while playing the nerve-wracking 11+ levels. Both Ken and Eric progressed well beyond last year’s highest scores, reaching level 17. In the end, Ken’s score of 249 will stand as the mark for all others.

Please thank Michael Sternberg for organizing the championship and for the above report.  Also, thank Martin Haye for creating Structris.