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Updates from KansasFest 2011

Posted Thu, Jul. 21st 2011 in News

KansasFest has been in full swing for more than 48 hours, and attendees are already exhausted from the bounty of sessions, hardware, knowledge, and camaraderie. A few have even taken the time to share their experiences with the online community, so if you couldn’t make it here yourself, you can catch a glimpse of the action as it’s happening.

Kirk Mitchell has continued his tradition of daily reports to the Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.apple2. Rather than duplicate his efforts, the staff of are firing out morsels of news in a timely fashion, including several YouTube videos. Steve Weyhrich has used information gleaned from yesterday’s keynote speech to update his page on Bob Bishop. And Ken Gagne wrote a brief post on why it’s great to be a part of the Apple II community.

Bob Bishop

Bob Bishop with one of his original cassette tape products.

Finally, there’s always Twitter, with its 140-character limit on current events. This Web site has a live Twitter feed that compiles the tweets of almost every KansasFest 2011 attendee, as well as any tweet using the #A2KFest hashtag.

More reports will be posted as members of the community find time, so stay tuned!

Session schedule online and on your mobile device

Posted Sun, Jul. 17th 2011 in News

The KansasFest session schedule is now complete and has been posted online. As always, you may download the PDF or view the event calendar. The latter offers the option of subscribing to the schedule in your favorite calendar program, such as iCal and Google Calendar. All session times are in the CDT timezone.

New this year is the Guidebook mobile app, making it easy to find every session, vendor, map, and tweet. Just download the free Guidebook app for your favorite iOS or Android device, then search for KansasFest, occurring in Kansas City on July 19–24.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues. The fun begins in just two days!

Getting to and around Rockhurst

Posted Sat, Jul. 16th 2011 in News

Since 2005, KansasFest is held at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. From eating and sleeping to geeking out, all the integral components of the world’s only annual Apple II expo occur right there. If you are driving to KansasFest, there are plenty of directions available; if you’re flying and don’t have a car, you can request a ride via Peikop Endropov.

This year, those KansasFest attendees who are staying on-site will be housed in the Corcoran residence hall, just as they were for KansasFest 2010. Drivers looking to unload their cars and get checked in should temporarily park at 1354 Rockhurst Road; once you have clearance to access the secure parking lot, you can then proceed to the main entrance found at 5400 Troost Ave. Both addresses are in Kansas City, MO 64110.

To help you navigate the immediate area of Rockhurst, the university’s Web site offers several maps. Tony Diaz has also created a custom Google map for KansasFest.

The KansasFest welcoming committee will be at Corcoran first thing Tuesday morning. If you are lost or otherwise need to get ahold of a fellow Apple II user, please email us beforehand to obtain a contact phone number.

The return of Sean’s garage

Posted Fri, Jul. 15th 2011 in News

As last year, Sean Fahey will again be donating oodles of Apple II wares to KansasFest attendees. Saturday morning at Rockhurst, attendees will awaken to find a treasure trove of hardware, software, and literature, courtesy Sean and James Littlejohn, who will also provide transportation of the goods to Rockhurst. The items are made available to interested parties on the following conditions:

  • If Sean and James got it for free, it will be freely given to someone else.
  • They’ll accept donations but certainly don’t expect them.
  • Take what you need. Just don’t take something and then turn right around and put it on eBay, or worse, sell it at the vendor fair.
  • If you’re after something special, let Sean and James know ahead of time your name can be put on it.
  • No premium items (accelerators, RAM cards, etc) are being given away. Sales might be considered, though — ask if you’re looking something special.

To make this event happen, Sean and James ask for a few volunteers for the following tasks Friday night:

  • Help unload the bus, and then reload what isn’t taken back into the bus.
  • Help sort loose sets of disks. I’m afraid that during the “keep it or give it away” phase of the packing, some sets of things like Publisher, Print Shop and operating system disks were chunked into the totes loose. They need to be matched up. Think of it as a Apple II themed memory game.

Relatedly, Dean Nichols has also indicated that “I have much more [Apple II gear] than I will ever use, and would be pleased to find much of the stuff a good home”, presenting yet another opportunity for KansasFest attendees to share the wealth. He is currently taking requests.

If you have any questions for any of these generous donors, please subscribe to our discussion list, where you can reach most anyone attending KansasFest 2011.

Making your way to KansasFest 2011

Posted Thu, Jul. 7th 2011 in News

With KansasFest 2011 opening in less than two weeks (!), it’s time to take care of any details that could keep you from spending a week with some of the most amazing Apple II users you’ll find anywhere.

Attendees arrive at KansasFest any number of ways: plane, train, car, or bicycle. If you are driving or flying, please fill out our Peikop Endropov form. This volunteer service, coordinated by Carl Knoblock, helps attendees share rides to and from the airport, letting them get an early start on the camaraderie that is a hallmark of KansasFest.

However you get there, make sure to pack your bags for everything you need. Check our packing list for an exhaustive list of hardware, equipment, and sundries that may prove useful. See something missing from our list? Let us know, and we’ll update it!

Finally, if you have any questions about Rockhurst University, how to get there, or where to stay nearby, we have all that information and more. The first day of KansasFest, we’ll also have signs on campus directing you to the residence hall to which the school’s administration has assigned us — either Xavier-Loyola or Corcoran.

All three of the above links can be found in the navigation menu on the left column of this Web site, under the header “Getting there”.

KansasFest 2011 session update

Posted Sun, Jun. 19th 2011 in News

KansasFest’s daylight hours are your opportunity to soak in — and share! — an impressive wealth of information about your favorite retrocomputer. In the time since our first call for sessions, many attendees of KansasFest 2011 have signed up to deliver the following presentations:

  • A tour of the hidden tricks of the Apple IIGS toolbox (Eric Shepherd)
  • A demonstration and analysis of P2E, an Apple II emulator for iOS (Martin Haye)
  • The secret sophistication and potential of LOGO (Peter Neubauer)
  • A look at the timing of the Apple II using the Fast Processor Interface (Daniel Kruszyna)
  • An open-for-discussion look at early Apple television advertisements (Mike Maginnis)
  • A photo tour and comparison of several mobile robotic “turtles”, contemporaries of the Apple II (Peter Neubauer)
  • A tour of a scale model of an Apple II Plus, built in the game Minecraft (Steve Weyhrich)
  • A technical look at the Apple III and its OS, programming languages, and add-ons you can get today (Mike Maginnis)
  • Accessing files over a LAN with an Apple II (Ivan Drucker)
  • Behind the scenes at Open Apple (Mike Maginnis & Ken Gagne)
  • A2MP3 workshop (Vince Briel)

Want to help fill the schedule? Think of a cool Apple II topic to share with your fellow attendees and register to present a session!

Early Bird registration closes soon!

Posted Fri, May. 27th 2011 in News

Apple Mailbox

Is your check in the mail to attend the greatest Apple II convention ever?

The United States is currently entering a three-day weekend. When it emerges, there will be only one day left in the month of May. That day is also your last chance to qualify for Early Bird registration for KansasFest 2011!

Sign up for KansasFest 2011 on or before Tuesday, May 31, to ensure the lowest prices and to order your t-shirt. On June 1, registration prices go up by a minimum of $55, and t-shirt orders close. (Registration for Vince Briel’s optional workshop will remain open.)

Register with PayPal or a credit card using our online registration form. If you’re paying by check or money order, please print and mail our offline registration form. As long as it’s postmarked by May 31, we’ll honor it! Otherwise, you have until July 10 to register at the standard, non-Early Bird rate.

However you register, what matters is that you register at all, as the greatest contribution you can make to the event is your presence! KansasFest is all about the community, so come be a part of ours this summer, July 19–24 in Kansas City, MO.

The Ryan Suenaga Scholarship Fund

Posted Fri, May. 13th 2011 in News

Ryan Suenaga and Krispy KremeBefore Apple II user and KansasFest alumnus Ryan Suenaga‘s passing, he expressed the wish to establish a scholarship for students who wanted to follow in his footsteps by studying social work. Now, thanks to some dedicated volunteers, that scholarship has become a reality, helping students of the Kapiolani Community College. KCC is part of the University of Hawai’i system, which includes Ryan’s alma mater, the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.

Anyone who wants to donate to the @rsuenaga Scholarship Fund may do so online with a credit card. Alternatively, checks may be made out to the University of Hawaii Foundation, with "@rsuenaga" noted in the memo field, and mailed to

University of Hawaii Foundation
P.O. Box 11270
Honolulu, HI 96828-0270

If you are an Apple II user attending KansasFest 2011, you will also have the opportunity to donate by cash or check on the night of Thursday, July 21, when we host the Ryan Suenaga Memorial Krispy Kreme Night. Come enjoy some warm donuts and cold milk, as Ryan would’ve wanted. A donation jar will be available, with 100% of the proceeds going toward his scholarship fund.

More details about this scholarship will be shared as they become available.